Eastlink Cricket Club Incorporated -

Eastlink Cricket Club Committee 2014-2015 Season
Rohit Prabhu
Vice President
Gaurav Ramavat
Dr William Jennings

Nick Reynolds

Club Captain

Steve Holden

Life Member / Past President

Rick Manarangi
Privacy Officer
Sam Hull (Acting - Club)
Health and Safety Administrator
Sam Hull (Acting - Club)
Social Advancement Administrators
Rohit Prabhu
Steve Holden
Squad Development Administrator
Steve Holden
Fair Play Management Administrator
Chris Robertson (Acting)
Constitution Supervisory Administrator
Rick Manarangi (Club)
Member Welfare Administrator
Chris Robertson (Acting)
Sub Committee Objectives
Social Advancement
Organise Social Club Events
Investigate, manage and instigate Grants, Fundraising and Sponsorship initiatives.
Squad Development
Organise General Net Sessions (Inc Systematise Batting and Bowling as well as action Padding up/Final Six)
Assist Outdoor Net Sessions ensuring activities are suitable given number of participants.
Action Field Practice Drills and Procedures.
Fair Play Management
Establish and implement policy relating to disciplinary matters.
Ensure a ‘Ground Official’ is in attendance throughout the duration of each match.
Constitution Supervisory
Promote objectives of the Constitution.
Consult with Subcommittees and Officers with matters regarding the constitution.
Monitor Constitution and ensure it corresponds with General Club Principles.
Undertake and perform amendments to the Constitution upon instruction.
Member Welfare
Ensuring member’s interests and wellbeing concerns are considered during general decision-making.
Provide an avenue for Members to forward ideas, opinions and concerns to the Committee.